The connection to the Microsoft Server is unavailable. Unable to open your default mail settings...t

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Jim Frederick

Months ago I transferred Comcast email (I have hotmail) to my Outlook -- the send/receive would no longer work. But I could get into my contacts, etc..and read messages. I let that go for awhile (for reasons not relevant). But one day I hit " Help" fix -- I tried the first option -- no fix. Later, I tried the second option – but when I click Outlook -- I get message " Migrating preferences, creating welcome message " and then -- The connection to the Microsoft Server is unavailable...etc. I tried uninstalling Office -- it worked expect for Outlook -- it would not let me uninstall and install Outlook -- the computer guy I paid $ said it looks like a registry error and he' couldn't fix - but the pst. files are still there -- I can live without Outlook emailing but I desperately want to access my contacts...and sent emails -- please help

Diane Poremsky

Senior Member
Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Do you have an exchange account? If not, go to Control panel, Mail and remove the exchange account and add the pst with your contacts to the profile. If you need a tutorial, see

If you aren't using Outlook for email, you don't need to create an email account in the profile - you only need to add the correct pst to the profile.

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