Why don't my 'Contacts' properties stay?, (Outlook 2010 - Vista).

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I have just had a major malfunction of my Outlook e-mail. Somehow my Outlook mysteriously upgraded itself from an earlier version to 2010.... Anyway, nearly all my info vanished. I tried importing stuff from an old PST but I ended up with two sets of data. I finally sorted everything out and everything works, but I can't get the contact 'properties' to stay.

I have tried clicking on properties for each set of contacts and clicking the boxes, but as soon as I close Outlook everything goes back as it was. This, (as with the rest of the new Outlook layout), is driving me nuts. Why the ____ couldn't they have left the bloody thing the way it was? The original Outlook layout was great; just a few headings across the top and all you had to do was click on a heading for a drop down menu. Now you have this stupid 'Ribbon' where you have to hunt and hunt and hunt for everything. I wouldn't mind but half of the original headings etc. seem to be missing. What a khybosh!!!

Anyway, to get back to my current problem, where the heck do I nail down the settings I have made? Please answer me with relevant information as everywhere I look on the internet I come up with suggestions that talk about buttons that I DO NOT have! Surely somebody out there has a remotely similar layout to what I have, or did Microsoft hire the usual staff of cretins who all did their own versions and issues them at the same time? The mind boggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I have seen talk about 'check your registry for errors', how pray do I do that?

P.P.S. I see that it says below here that if I click on 'Where can I find this info', it is supposed to take me to that information. I don't see how my Microsoft Office version relates to what version of Outlook I have?!!!!!


Huh, what is going on here? I put down the word h e c k - what is wrong with that? I see that it has been removed. What it this, Saudi Arabia? That's what they do there. I have worked there! If you get a newspaper any pictures in ads showing girls with say bare arms or legs, someone has already gone over them with a black felt tip marker. Be oh so careful in this world, you might just offend someone. It's no wonder people go postal!!!!

Russ Valentine

Your statement that "Somehow my Outlook mysteriously upgraded itself from an earlier version to 2010.... " is not consistent with reality and simply could not happen. Provide a more accurate description of what actually happened.Russ Valentine
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