PST file set up for Outlook 2010 and Gmail IMAP

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I installed Outlook 2010 and switched to a Gmail IMAP account at the same time. Not being familiar with either I may have done it incorrectly. For a few weeks everything was working fine. About two weeks ago I started getting errors when starting outlook where it would stall and get stuck on the splash screen showing the word " processing" . I also am having issues with outlook hanging once it has started when doing the initial send and receive.

The issues with outlook 2010, which may be caused by my antivirus and may have to start over again from scratch. The antivirus is AVG 2011 Free which I understand had a e-mail add in problem so I first will be trying to update that to the new version which is supposed to remedy it.

There are currently two pst files associated with the profile. For simplicity I will call them outlook.pst and gmail.pst. It appears that outlook.pst has all my calendar and contacts information and that gmail.pst has all my e-mail. The question is, can I set up a gmail account using IMAP with only one pst file that has it all? If so how? If I back up my pst files prior to starting a new profile, do I delete my old profile first?

Priyalatha Narayan

If you configure Gmail as an IMAP account you would have IMAP folder and an Outlook default PST. If you want your Gmail emails to come in to your default PST configure Gmail as a POP account.

If you have multiple PST"s you can merge them using the steps below.

Do the following to open the "Import wizard" in Outlook:

Click File > Open > Import.

You can import data to your .PST file, by doing so you can have all your data in a single .PST file. You need not delete your old profile after you create a new one.
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