'Other' calendar view not displaying public folder some times

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I have atleast a few users who access a public calendar. Every now and then the "other" calendar view has no items i.e. no little drop down arrows, even if the public calendar is added as a favorite. Basically I have to delete it from favorites then readd the public folder to favorite then it will reappear under the "other" calendar view. Any ideas why this is happening?! The user are getting frustrated with having to follow this process. The server is an 2007 Exchange server hosted by Appriver. I contact them and they're not sure why this is happening either.

Thanks in advanced!

Diane Poremsky

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I'm not sure I exactly understand about the little drop down arrows, are they in the navigation pane or in the calendar itself?

if its in the navigation pane, the pane is probably corrupt - restart outlook using the resetnavpane switch. If its the calendar, reset the view on the folder.
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