Too many email folders on MSN issue. Migrate to Outlook?

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I have an issue with the (Qwest) MSN premium browser and email program. The issue is that the MSN email program hangs severely on start up, has inordinate CPU usage, eventually causes MSN explorer to become nonfunctional or to shut down the whole MSN program because it has "encountered a problem", and is even disabling Internet Explorer "Bing" search (yes)! The MSN partners {level 3 tech support}, in an effort to resolve the issue informed me that I have too many email folders and that if I don't reduce the number of folders to 20 or less the above issues will persist (I have ~150 email folders).

Since the techs have no fix, nor even a suggestion to fix the issue (other than to reduce the amount of folders I have), I'm looking for a solution using Outlook 2007.


1. Export all of my email (including the folders they're in) to Outlook. (The MSN account accesses my hotmail account, and they synchronize, so in essence I imagine I would be exporting from hotmail).

2. Once all my email is exported and available to view and manipulate in Outlook, I want to disable synchronization between Outlook and MSN/Hotmail *with the exception of the inbox* if possible. (If I allow synchronization, once I delete folders in MSN/hotmail, I assume the same would happen in Outlook). * I would want to keep the inbox synchronized, so messages that I can't put into the (20) remaining folders on MSN/Hotmail can be put into the (previous) original folders that were "saved" to Outlook. If I can't synchronize only the inbox(es), I'd like to be able to easily send my emails from MSN/Hotmail to Outlook so I'll be able to put them into the folders I originally had on MSN, but are now Outlook folders (since I will only have 20 folders left on MSN/Hotmail).

Am I asking to much? Is this type of scenario possible? I haven't set up Outlook (2007) yet, and have never used a previous version (Outlook virgin, LOL), so if and when I do, do I "acquire" a unique email address for Outlook? Thanks for any information any one can provide! Also, is there anything I have to watch out for (bugs, issues, etc.) in Outlook 2007?


Before I would ever download the Outlook connector, I would want to know I could use it in the ways described above. Giving me a link that I already have doesn't answer the questions I've asked!

Raju S Das

When you download Outlook connector and configure the email account

1) All the folders and emails would download to your Outlook

2) Once the download is completed you can move all your important emails to you Outlook folders

3) Delete all the unwanted emails which you do not want it.
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