After account change folders are missing but files still remain - How do I find them?

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Mike Z 69

I recently moved my email host to a company that has Microsoft Exchange hosting for my Outlook 2007. I was previously using it as a pop email so all of the emails were stored locally.

I forgot to do a backup/archive but fortunately the PST files remained in tact and I was able to load them into outlook giving me access to my address book and my former inbox.

I noticed that all of my old folders were missing so I did a search (Windows 7) was able to find an email I searched for in a folder called (folders/west in personal folders).

When I look in my personal folders the folder west is not there but it should be but the search turning up the email and the folder indicates that it is still somewhere on the computer. Windows 7 does not allow me to dig any deeper so I do not know what the next steps are to locate these folders.

Any thoughts would be appreciated but an extensive web search brought up similar, but not the same, inquiries but little to no resolutions.

Running MS Office 2007 Pro and Windows 7 Pro. Exchange server and new email services all working properly.

Mike Z 69

I did a search in windows for an email that I was certain was stored in a missing folder. Sure enough windows found one of them stored in " Personal (Folders/West)" and I can read the email by double clicking on it. The problem is I cannot find the folder. I can't seem to find any results doing a search for the folder but I can find them by doing a search for specific emails. Finding the emails, however, lead me no closer to finding where the folders are hiding.

I did find many PST files all over the computer and strange, but they were all updated last on the same day so I imported them all and still they did not reveal the folders.

Mike Z 69

I currently use an Exchange account. I previously used a pop account. Due to using the pop account the (OLD EMAILS AND FOLDERS) were stored locally.

Mike Z 69

I had to move the folders I wanted backed up into my inbox as a sub folder then the steps in your link worked! Thanks!
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