Outlook 2010 doesn't download all emails - only a few. Need to keep hitting send/receive

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I have a few accounts in my Outlook - gmail, hotmail, pop. I hit send/receive and it only downloads around 3 or so emails then says it's completed. I have to keep hitting send/receive until I think all my emails are downloaded into Outlook.

This didn't happen before - only since I upgraded to Office2010. Nothing else has changed.

It's driving me insane. It doesn't happen on other devices, like my iPhone, where they download in one go. (They remain on the server so that they can also be downloaded to my laptop).

Any help would be appreciated.


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

How many accounts is " a few" ? How often do you have it set to automatically send/receive?

You might try increasing the server timeout, but if you have Outlook checking too many accounts, too often, you can have problems with the downloads.

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