Outlook 2003 after 2010 install/deinstall: all received emails are either Plain Text or Rich Text

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I tried to install Office 2010 on my XP computer alongside my Office 2003 and Outlook started crashing. It always started 2010.

After various tests, I removed Outlook 2010, repaired my Outlook 2003 install and everything went fine... apart that all my incoming emails are converted to either Plain Text or Rich Text at the moment I read them.

I can choose either Plain or Rich Text by using the Tools / Options / Preferences / email options / Read all standard email in plain text

but if I do that, ALL incoming emails get converted to plain text, including HTML formatted emails.

If I uncheck "Read all standard email in plain text", everything appears Rich Text even if the original email was plain text. I want to read plain text emails as plain text because I need to read some lists of numbers in (aligned) columns and I want to read HTML/Rich Text emails in their original format as well because it's unreadable otherwise...

Is there a "Don't do anything clever" setting?

I am confused...

Roady [MVP]

Outlook doesn't have an option to convert everything into Richt Text; it is either convert everything to Plain Text or to leave it in its original mail format. Therefor, I'd think you have an add-in installed what is causing the conversion.

Do you have a virus scanner installed which integrates itself with Outlook? Uninstall this integration part of your virus scanner and try again; you'd still be sufficiently protected by your on-access scanner part of the virus scanner. For more details see;

To further troubleshoot other add-ins see;

As for the Outlook 2010 crashes; have you been using the Click-to-Run version of Office 2010 or the full installer? If the last; did Outlook 2003 still remain on your system? If so, that is where your issue were coming from as only 1 version of Outlook can be installed on a system. Normally installing Outlook 2010 would automatically remove previous versions, but if there was an issue with your Outlook 2003 installation, 2 versions of Outlook can end up being installed with neither of them working properly anymore.


Funny you mention the antivirus...

Yesterday, I disabled the mail integration and this seems to have cured my format problem :)

For the 2010 install, I don't really mind since I am quite happy with 2003!

Thanks for your help

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