Messages take long to appear, rules (here they come again) don't work, sent messages aren't saved

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Fabricio Pub


I made a decision to switch from web browsing to Outlook 2010 for accessing my emails on my Gmail account, expecting greater tools and greater control. But, so far, I must say I've had a quite frustrating experience!!

1) After Send/Receive finishes, the messages don't appear instantly on my Inbox. Instead, they keep coming, one by one, slooowly, and there is absolutely *nothing* on the screen to inform me whether there are still messages "coming" or not. So I basically have to wait until I guess it has finished. I'm on a 2-core 2.53ghz 4GB DDR3 running Win7Pro pretty smoothly. Is that really how Microsoft wanted the user experience to be?

2) Rules have really been the most frustrating thing. I have a message from a YahooGroup in my Inbox. I right-click it, then chose to create a simple rule "Always move messages from to folder GroupX". But next time I get a message from that group, it remains on my Inbox instead of going to folder GroupX. I've already tried:

a) Manually creating the rule instead of right-clicking the example message;

a) adding/removing the "Stop processing more rules" part of the rule;

b) adding/removing the "On this computer only" part of the rule;

...but nothing seems to get Outlook to move the message away from Inbox. I've already read on the web that there is something to server-side VS client-side rules, which I "think" I understand but am unable to reason towards a practical solution. All I want is the message from a specific sender to be moved to a specific folder in my computer. Would anyone be so kind as to give me a reasonable explanation on why such a simple task is so hard to configure?

3) I have the option "Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder" checked. But none of my sent mails get saved. I have to resort to web browsing to see my sent mail. Is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks a lot in advance for all the support!


Fabricio Pub

Just one more piece of information on issue 2: I've also tried creating a rule "Always move messages _sent to_ to folder GroupX", with no good results.

Thanks a lot.

Raju S Das

How is the Gmail email account configured in Outlook, as a POP account or an IMAP account?

Raju S Das

Are you trying to move the emails to the subfolder which is in the personal folders list or to the IMAP folders list?

Fabricio Pub

On my navigation pane I have two "roots": "Outlook Data File" and "". After Send/Receive finishes, the messages appear under the "All" folder in (the folder which gets all mail in Gmail), and I'm telling the Rule to move them to the GroupX folder under Outlook Data File. So I'm guessing it is a personal folder, not IMAP folder. I hope I'm clear on my explanation.

Raju S Das

Check the radio button mentioned in the below steps and verify the status.

Open Outlook> File> Options> Advanced> Send/receive >Edit>

Download complete items including attachment for subfolders and then check if the rule works.

Fabricio Pub

Hi Raju,

I did as instructed, and then tried to perform a Send/Receive.

It seemed to work, as in, some messages *did* get moved like I always wanted... but Send/Receive would never finish. It stucked at like 70%, and didn't move after that.

Maybe it its trying to download aallll mail in my Gmail account?

Thanks a lot for the help!!

Fabricio Pub

This Send/Receive freezing problem was something I had earlier. Changing the configuration to "Use the custom behaviour defined below", selecting my "All mail" folder, and chosing "Download headers only" was what made it stop freezing.

But this seems to also be what makes Send/Receive *not* work, in the sense that clicking my Inbox, under the "" root in Outlook, does what I would expect Send/Receive to do: receive all mail and apply rules to organize them into local folders.

This is really weird. I must admit I am quite frustrated with Outlook 2010 after several *months* trying to fix problems that I can't even understand why they ever happen. All I wanted was to click Send/Receive and watch Outlook get my messages from Gmail and put them into appropriate local folders. So far I couldn't achieve this.
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