Does not prompt for saving or opening attachments when downloading attachment in Outlook 2007.

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Rick Fowler

Original Title: Windows 7 IE8 system no longer prompts for saving or opening attachments

The check box has evidently been unchecked to ask each time what to do with a downloaded attachment in Outlook 2007. I need to find out how to re-enable this function so I can open secure documents. The system is running Windows 7 Professional, IE8, and Office 2007. I have been unsuccessful in finding any info for fixing this on Windows 7. The Vista fixes do not appear to apply to this. Registry keys are not the same. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

Rick Fowler

This pc is in a work envirornment, had the option window before, but the checkbox to always ask if you want to save this has been unchecked. She is unable to right click on the attachment and save it as it says it cannot create the file. These are secure messages that use the Cisco secure delivery method where she has to enter her password to open them. Without the dialog box pop-up, they are impossible to open on this pc. I can open them on other pc's as long as the checkbox has not been unchecked. I need to find the resolution for re-enabling this dialog box.

The box is the:

" opening mail attachment"

" you should only open attachments from a trustworthy source"

" File Name"

" Would you like to open or save it to your computer?"

open save cancel

" Always ask before opening this type of file"

From what I have learned this is actually a windows explorer dialog box. In this case it opens when you click on the attachment in Outlook 2007, you click on open and then it opens in IE8 to give you the Cisco envelope to type in your password to unlock the secure document.

I hope this clears up what I am trying to achieve. I have tried the Vista fixes of going into the regedit and finding the registry keys it says to alter, but they do not exhist in Windows 7. Thanks for your help.

Rick Fowler

I finally repaired this by running the Windows 7 upgrade from the disk which took over 2 hours. Kept everything in tact and it now opens her documents in the secure invironment. Not a quick fix, but better than having to do a clean install and start over from scratch.
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