Preparing to Send hangs Outlook 2007 after recent Windows Update...

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Rob Ainscough

Foolishly I ran Windows Update which found Outlook 2007 and installed some " security updates and filters" . Well after it successfully installed, Outlook 2007 GUI has become very slow and unresponsive and it frequently " hangs" after I hit the Send button on any Email message. Just clicking from one folder to the next in Outlook is very slow (I have about 35 folders).

I have Outlook working with two mail accounts. One is my work account which is POP/SMTP. The other is my MSN account which is MAPI using Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit (14.0.5117.5000)

I've done the usual diagnostics:

1. Compact .PST files

2. Made sure my MSN outlook connector is current

3. Checked my Add-Ins

I have the following AddIns active:

COM Addin for Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector

Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Colleague Import Add-in

Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service

OneNote Notes about Outlook Items

Outlook Backup Addin

Windows Search Email Indexer

The only Addin I " think" I need is the COM Addin for Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector, but I don't really know and as usual with Microsoft products they don't provide any " easy to find" clues as to what is and isn't required.

Any suggestions?


Rob Ainscough

Thank you, I uninstalled the KB update and problem was solved.

On a side note, the " manual download" web page for this update appears to be " broken" ... clicking the link takes you to some page that appears to have nothing to do with KB2412171.

Anyway, the files that Microsoft listed for the OUTLOOK.EXE date/time stamp are different than what was provided in the Windows update ... suttle difference in time stamp.

Unfortunately MS updates these days are becoming more and more problematic, more often than not I find MS updates cause more problems than they attempt to fix. It has become so time consuming that I've turned OFF Automatic updates and I'll take my " security risk" chances. Not exactly a good solution, but a working PC is better than a non-functional one regardless of the risk. Perhaps Microsoft don't subscribe to this philosophy?

Roady [MVP]

The KB has been pulled to prevent any further spread. There will be a fixed version published later on; either as a newer version or as a new KB article.

The time stamp difference is because of the change in time zones.

Robert Sparnaaij


Rob Ainscough

Ok, good to know a fix is in the works.

You lost me on the " change in time zones" ?? Isn't the purpose of a time stamp to be consistant and static and not affected by time zones? In other words, at the point/location the final build is made, it's the time zone of the build location that gets put in stone so to speak -- am I missing something? If it's not static, then it probably should NOT be included as that only adds confusion.


I gather that's why I couldn't find the KB file to uninstall as it was pulled -- by Microsoft? I don't have email access and wonder if there is a workaround and there is any kind of ETA on the fix?
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