After Window update of 12/15/2010, outlook 2007 gives error (0x800CCC18) when accessing gmail using

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Your e-mail server rejected your login with Secure Passworkd Authentication (SPA), Verify you account properties?

I am on a Vista, Home Premium, SP 2 64 bit machine. Microsoft Outlook 12.0.6548.5000 SP@ MSO (12.0.6545.5004)

thxs for any suggestions


Anyone got word on if this is something Microsoft needs to issue an incremental patch for, or what the underlying issue is?


I get a " page not found" when I click the link...did the lovely & talented Microsoft take it down or something? We wouldn't want to actually *fix* the problem, now, would we? Seriously, I'm about to pull my hair out b/c of this email issue! Someone please help! :-(

Roady [MVP]

I get a " page not found" when I click the link...did the lovely & talented Microsoft take it down or something? We wouldn't want to actually *fix* the problem, now, would we? Seriously, I'm about to pull my hair out b/c of this email issue! Someone please help! :-(

They pulled the article and update to prevent further spread. It is available again now with an additional article to confirm the issues;

Robert Sparnaaij

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