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Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Outlook 2010 bug?

When printing a calendar, and do a change, ie: font size in one date, the date numbers dissappear, but not all.

Meaning, say I want to print a calendar for November 2010. All the blocks/squares for the dates are showing, along with the text (appointments) inside of them. Come to add/change a font to 18pt Arial on another date and then look in preview, everything is fine. Go to print and all the dates (1,2,3 etc) is missing till the 26th. Come back and change the font to 12pt and they show as well as print.

Using a network shared lexmark printer on Windows 7 and Office 2010 both are enterprize editions.


Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Meaning, the actual date numbers, 1, 2, 3 dissappear, but the appointments or text inside those date squares still show.

Only the 26-30th show. Wonder if it has something to do with actual date as well, this being the 28th of Oct, and I want to print next month and the numbers dissappear till the 26th.

I can see them in Print preview no problem, but when going to print they are gone!

Change the font size or something and they show up again in the next print out.



I would try changing the printer options for how the fonts print. Some printer drivers have settings for TrueType vs. raster, etc. Also, the printer memory may be coming into play (in other words, the printer doesn"t have enough memory to print the font in that size). Reducing the resolution (e.g. 600x600 to 300x300), might help.

Additionally, I am not able to reproduce the behavior your seeing. So.......

Would you please give me the exact steps you are going through to change the font and print the Calendar? My hopes are that I will be able to reproduce what you are seeing and be able to file a bug on it. Or uncover something from your steps that will allow me to find a previously filed bug on it. --It could be an issue that occurred in Outlook 2007 that ported to Outlook 2010.

Anyways, looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Halloween!

Jahawk MSFT

Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Hi Jahawk.

Well, go figure, rebooted the machine, tried it again, and all the dates show. So must have been a memory lock or something.

I'll close this one, unless it happens again, will watch the machine. New Dell's with 3GB ram i5 Cores.
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