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Logan Burt

We are using Outlook 2007 to access Exchange Server 2007.

I have a user who gets the following prompt whenever he opens some of his recurring meetings in his calendar:

" The form for this item has not been registered in this folder or in your company's forms library. Because this item contains macros, which could contain a virus harmful to your computer, you may not want to run the macros. If you are sure this item is from a trusted source, click 'Enable macros'. Otherwise, click 'Disable macros'. "

All the meetings that he gets this alert with appear to have been the result of accepting recurring meeting requests from several other users on the same Exchange Server, though not all such recurring meetings in his calendar have this alert. There appear to be several different sources for the meeting requests, so I think it is likely that there are actually no custom macros involved.

I gave myself rights to his mailbox and created an Outlook profile on my own workstation with his mailbox as the only mailbox in the profile, and I do NOT get the alert when accessing these same meetings on his calendar.

Any idea why he is getting these alerts?

Thank you very much for your help with this.



Thanks for posting.

Sounds like a custom meeting form or COM Add-in\Exchange Client Extension. A couple of things you can do first, since it's only one user having the issue.

#1 Does the error occur when Outlook 2007 is running in safe mode?

- Safe mode will prevent any COM Add-ins or Exchange Client Extensions from loading.

- What COM Add-ins and Exchange Client Extensions are loading with Outlook 2007? -Click Tools | Trust Center | Add-ins | Select " COM Add-ins" and click Go. To see Exchange Client Extensions, click dropdown arrow next to COM Add-ins and select Exchange Client Extensions, then click Go.

- I would begin by restarting Outlook in normal mode. Make sure you can still repro error. If you can, uncheck all COM Add-ins and restart Outlook. If you can still repro, it's likely an Exchange Client Extension.

- If you don't repro with all COM Add-ins disabled, re-enable one at a time -restart Outlook after each one is enabled - until issue occurs. That's probably your culprit. Disable it again, then see if issue stops.

-If error occurs with all COM Add-ins unchecked, then uncheck all Exchange Client Extensions and do like we did with COM Add-ins until you see which Extension is creating the issue.

#2 Compare COM Add-ins and Exchange Client Extensions on the affected user's machine to your own. My guess is the difference could be the cause. Disable the ones you don't have on their machine and see if the issue persists.

Hope that gets you started. Good luck!

Jahawk MSFT
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