Using A Rule To Forward An Email Containing Specific Word

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Hello, I am using OL2007 to create a rule to forward email with certain words in the subject line to another recipient. However, in our case the subject lines of the emails we receive are very long, they include things such as Project Number, Location, Email content and etc. The problem is for example, I setup this rule that says any email with 5596 Dallas in the subject to forward to someone else. OK, well the actual subject of the email is 5596-198 Dallas, TX (78XX): Lots of text here describing the email (more numbers here, etc, etc) Now all of this information EXCEPT that first number and Dallas will be changing with every email coming in so we can't include that whole thing. If I use 5596-198 Dallas, TX as my criteria the rule will work, however if I use 5596 Dallas the ruke won't work. I can't use 5596-198 Dallas, TX because the 198 number will be different on every email and sometimes TX or the state is not included. Any advice??


How do I add the logical AND operator, this would solve the issue....

G North


It cannot be done with one rule. However you can do it with two.

The first rule looks for Dallas and assigns it to the Category Dallas.

The second rule looks for 5596 in messages with the Dallas category and forwards all matches.

As long as the rules run in this order and the text your searching for never appears anywhere else in your long subject you should be fine.

It does mean two rules not one but the result should be what you want.

G North MMI



Another client-side rule that you can run would involve using Run a script.

'DISCLAIMER: This is meant only as an example is not intended to be used in a production environment and is not supported by Microsoft in any manner whatsoever.

'Insert a Module in the Visual Basic Editor from Outlook. This is what the rule wizard will display in the Run this script listbox.

'Paste into the pane to the right.

Sub MailRule(olMail As Outlook.MailItem)

Dim fwMail As Outlook.MailItem

If InStr(olMail.Subject, "5596") Then
If InStr(olMail.Subject, "Dallas") Then
olMail.Categories = "Dallas" 'assigns the category
olMail.Save 'saves the cat to the mail
Set fwMail = olMail.Forward 'creates the forwarding mail
End If
End If

Set fwMail = Nothing

End Sub

'Save it --File | Save VBAPorject.

' Create rule on Arriving mail > Sent to me > Run this Script

Anyways, using two rules to achieve the desired result is what I would suggest, too. Unless you don't get scared off by using code to filter out the Subject line. :)

Take care,

Jahawk MSFT
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