Outlook 2010 does (partial) not save to NormalEmail.dotm?

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Remco Tiel

I've got the following situation,

When you open a mail, go to Format Text and click on the button next to Paragraph. You can set some settings here, I mark the checkbox " no space between paragraphs of same style (translation). Because of this when I hit Enter in the body of the text the cursor goes to a next line instead of a next paragraph. But when I close that mail and start over, this setting is gone.
I also tried to mark the checkbox, save it as default on all documents based on NormalEmail.dotm to no avail. We've computers with Office 2003 + Outlook 2010 and computers with Office 2010 + Outlook 2010, the problem exists in both senarios. For testing I created a Quick Part (which is saved in NormalEmail.dotm) and closed Outlook. After starting up Outlook again the Quick Part was still there so this is saved to the NormalEmail.dotm.

How can I fix this?

Jahawk MSFT


This is known issue with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, but there are no current plans to address it. --However, one person logged a workaround that will help.

1. Make sure Outlook is closed.
2. Start Word
3. File | Open
4. navigate to %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\NormalEmail.dotm
5. In the Ribbon, under the section Styles - please click the arrow in the far right down corner. (A new little dialog dropdown will appear)
6. Select Normal Style and right-click and select “Modify”
7. Click on the Format button, select Paragraph and then set the checkbox " Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" .
8. Make sure “Only in this document" is selected
9. Press OK and close all dialog and save the NormalEmail.dotm and close Word.
1. Start Outlook
2. Create a new message
3. Go to Format Text | Paragraph Chunk | Paragraph Dialog
4. The " Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" is checked

Have a great weekend!

Jahawk MSFT
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