Outlook 2010 meeting request not on calendar - shows up as rich text message in calendar folder

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We are running Outlook 2010 against Exchange 2003 SP2. We have a user who occasionally sends out a meeting invitation that goes out fine to all recipients. The recipients are able to accept\decline etc. However, the meeting does not show up on the organizer's calendar. I did a search of the sender's mailbox and found the original meeting request item in the calendar folder as a rich text message. Any thoughts on a cause?

One of the recipients on the latest meeting requests to " disappear" is on a Lotus Notes system, but not sure if that is contributing to the problem.


I am having the same exact issue. Can anyone help resolve this problem?

Jahawk MSFT


When a Meeting Request is sent to an Attendee by the Organizer, in the sender's Sent Items folder the Meeting Request will have Message Class of IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request. The Message Format of the Meeting Request will be RTF (Rich Text Formatting). --Due to the buttons.

The Appointment in the Organizer's Calendar will (should) have a Message Class of IPM.Appointment. There's no RTF set for the item's format.

Also, Lotus has its own version of Rich Text Formatting. --I cannot speak on how Lotus converts Microsoft's RTF when it comes in, but when Outlook receives an RTF message sent from a Lotus Client the RTF content will be converted from Lotus Rich Text to Microsoft Rich Text. If possible. I have seen issues where the Lotus RTF cannot be converted and the end result is missing content in the message body.

OK, so how would I approach this issue?

1. Are you able to reproduce this issue consistently?

2. What are the exact steps the affected Organizer is taking when the issue occurs?

3. Does the issue occur when the Meeting Invite is sent? Or when an Update is sent? ---Steps to repro.

4. Are the Meetings being sent\updated from Outlook 2010? --The Organizer themselves? A Delegate? --Steps to repro.

5. If not being sent\updated from Outlook 2010, what is sending the Meeting Invite\Update? --Blackberry, iPhone, Outlook Web Access, etc?

6. Does the Appointment display in the Organizer's Calendar immediately after the Meeting Invite is sent? --When does it disappear from the Calendar? --Steps to repro.

7. If you change the view on the Organizer's Calendar to " By Category" , does the missing Appointment show up in the list?

- If something has modified the Appointment to where it cannot display in a Day\Week\Month view, we can switch to the By Category's Table view to show it.

Normally, for Calendaring issues where items disappear, I would suggest opening a support incident with us. Here's some of the things we'd do:

1. Enable Outlook Calendar logging on the Organizer's Outlook 2010 client.

2. Enable an Exchange 2003 Store trace on the Organizer's Calendar.

Reproduce the issue.

Yes, having the exact steps to reproduce this type of issue is crucial. Typically, this type of issue is randomly occurring and hard to catch.

3. Get a copy of the Meeting Invite\Update being sent. --Using MFCMapi, copy the Meeting out of Sent Items into a PST.

4. Get a copy of the Appointment in the Calendar using MFCMapi.

5. Update the Outlook 2010 client to latest version and see if issue persists. --I am currently running 14.0.5128.5000, which was due to the Oct. 2010 update for Outlook 2010. It's a hotfix package, so you'd need to call in an get the link to download it.

Anyways that's normally how I work a case like this. Once the steps to repro the behavior have been discovered\narrowed down, Outlook logging in conjunction with the Store trace of the user's Calendar is what I typically focus on.

Hope that helps you both!

Jahawk MSFT


Thanks for the reply Jahawk. I can answer some of the questions.

We have not been able to reproduce consistently - it has just happened twice. I have asked the user to pay attention to some items such as is does the meeting always include a Lotus Notes user and did the meeting get updated before disappearing from the calendar. I believe it is getting updated before it disappears, but cannot confirm yet.

The user is sending the meeting themselves from OL2010. Not being sent by a delegate.

I will try changing the view to By Catagory table view to see if it shows up on the calendar.

I will turn on the EX2003 store trace to try and catch the event.

I do not know if I want the OL2010 calendar logging on for the length of time it may take to capture this. If we can narrow down the steps to reproduce we will turn it on obviously.

I have looked at the hotfix releases and we will go a head and update the user.
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