This meeting is not in the Calendar folder for this account. Responses to this meeting will not be t

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Hello, I'm using Office 2010, Outlook 2010, under windows 7 professional.

I use outlook 2010 to manage all my email accounts of which I have 3-4 different accounts. (hotmail, gmail, and my ISP - Bell Canada)

When I create a reoccuring calendar event and I want to send it to multiple users for business meetings. I get the following message: " This meeting is not in the Calendar folder for this account. Responses to this meeting will not be tallied. Is this ok to send ? "

How can I fix this ?
How can I make sure that everyone has an option to respond?
How can I make sure to get the tallied responses ?

Thank you,

Sally Tang


how many calendar folders do you have?

Go to File > Account Settings, set your normal mailbox to be default.

Sally Tang


Hello Sally,

I'm sorry I took this long to reply, I've had a hectic week. In my calendar folders I seem to have 4 series of calendar groups. I have three hotmail ones that all three have a " Name, Canada Holiday, Birthday calendar" option to be ticked, and the last 4th one is a calendar that I've created since I have a IMAP email account with gmail.

So I think the answer to your question is 4, but in reality there are 10 options to check/tick off.

I've gone into File > Account Settings, and my normal mailbox was already set to default. I decided to select another mailbox, set it to default, then reset my normail mailbox back to default.

Testing; when I sent a calendar invitation to everyone with the option to respond on my normal account, it seemed to work. Can you explain what this error is and why it seems to be happening. I've encountered this problem intermittently and it's quite irritating.
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