Outlook 2010 PST Are disappering, Disable JunkMail ?

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we deploy office 2010 to about 900 machines in the last few weeks via SCCM

We are having alot of issues with Outlook 2010. My user are having there PSt just randomly disappearing?

Also how can we Disable Junkmail ?

also having issue where the outlook icon turns into powerpoint.

Harry Yuan


From your description , I understand that the Outlook 2010 PST randomly disappearing and you want to disable JunkMail.

You can repair the PST using Outlook built-in tool, called Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) as follows:

1-Click Start and point to Search (or Find)

2-Type Scanpst.exe in the Search for files and folders named box

3-Open the file to launch Inbox Repair Tool

4-Specify the file name and path of affected PST

5-Begin the repair process by clicking Start

6-Check if the PST is repaired. If not, restore from the last backup.


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