Need help w/ Calendar Events not appearing in Outlook 2010

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I have a Windows PC using XP SP3, Outlook 2010 and an iPhone 4G. I used to sync my PC and iPhone using Apple's Mobileme but I turned off Mobileme recently and now just sync my Outlook calendar and contacts from my PC to my iPhone using a wired sync via iTunes. Since I turned off Mobileme and completed the first wired sync earlier this week I have had some problems with Outlook on my PC. After the first wired sync was performed all Calendar and Contact data on my iPhone are appearing correctly. However, my problems in Outlook on my PC started last night, I had to use the Microsoft Outlook repair tool to fix my Outlook .PST file because Outlook would not open (I fixed that problem) and today no events are showing up in my Outlook 2010 calendar on my PC although the Reminders feature of Outlook is telling me that I have upcoming appointments but nothing shows up in my Outlook Calendar. I can"t even get the standard Outlook calendar to show up. All of my Contacts in Outlook on my PC are appearing correctly. Also, in the Calendar pane in Outlook 2010 in the bottom left corner it shows that there are several thousand events in the Calendar so it seems to me that the data in my Outlook Calendar is there but it is just not being displayed. I have looked at my settings and it doesn"t seem like anything is wrong but I must be missing something. Not sure where I start to fix this problem.

What do I need to do to get the Events to appear again in my Outlook 2010 Calendar on my PC? Thanks in advance for any guidance



Likely the issue you are having is due to the iTunes COM Add-in that is loading with Outlook 2010.

This iTunes COM Add-in works off of your Calendar.

First thing I would do is to turn it off (disable it).

Then see if the contents of your Calendar comes back.

From Outlook 2010:

Click File | Options | Add-ins

Click the Go button to the right of "COM Add-ins"

Uncheck the iTunes Helper entry and click OK

Shutdown and restart Outlook 2010.

Is your standard Calendar opening up? Is everything present?

If it's empty, right-click on the Calendar folder and click Properties. Click Folder Size.

Is there any data in the folder?

If the data has been wiped, will you be able to sync it to your iPhone to recover your Calendar's contents? Any backups of your PST?

If the folder has size, but nothing shows in the Calendar view. Click on the Calendar | Click View | Change View | By Category

Do you see items present when in the By Category view? If you do, then the items have been modified\damaged in some way so that it is not possible to display the Appointments in a Day\Week\Month view.

Also, there's an issue with iTunes COM Add-in that is represented by a longer than normal time for Outlook 2010 to shutdown all the way. That may be what hosed your PST file (file wasn't shutdown properly). Anyways, there will be a fix for that particular issue with Office\Outlook 2010's SP1. -Sorry, no timeframe I can give as to when SP1 will drop.

Lastly, I would strongly suggest you check to make sure you are running the latest firmware and software for your iPhone and Apple's Mobileme. Also check their site to see if this or any other issue you've experienced has been reported by anyone else.

I hope that helps!

Jahawk MSFT
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