outlook clients prompt for a password each time it open

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Dear Techies,

I have exchange 2010 running in my environment. I have configured Outlook anywhere as per the Microsoft recommendation and it is going well. Outlook 2007 0r 2010 clients are prompting for password each time I opened. Is there any way to stop prompting password?

Any immediate help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance




Hi Chinni

First, do you use Basic Authentication or NTL Authentication between server and clients ?

I got two laptops on my desktop that connect to seperated domains
1 : domain joined laptop that uses basic authentication with no password prompt
2 : laptop (not domain joined) that uses NTL authentication with no password promot
So what I can say is that the prompt password behaviour should be expected for basic authentication. To fix this issue, you should change the basic authentication to NTLM on the Outlook side.

I also found one user who found the fix on the Exchange server. Under Autodiscover properties> Directory Security> Authentication Methods> He checked " Integrated Windows Authentication" .

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