Migrating Exchange 2007 to 2010 no mail going between servers or out from the Ex2010 servrer

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Pretty basic setup, I have a domain controller, Ex2007 server, and Ex2010 server. I have created a test account on the Ex2010 server, logged into OWA, and attempted to send a message to an external address and also to an address on the Ex2007 server. Neither of them are going through.

I also attempted to send a message from an account on the Ex2007 server to the test account on the Ex2010 server and it does not go through either. All services appear to be running properly on the 2010 server now and I have rebooted it since resolving some issues with the transport service not starting.

Gulab Mallah

Check the permission Anonymous is checked on Send and Receive Connector or not?

After checking the CheckBox, restart Transport Service.
Post the NDR



I really don't understand why anonymous permission would need to be given. I am sending from an OWA session where I authenticated as an Exchange user. Also, I do not see anything about anonymous permission under the send connector.

I went ahead and set it on both the receive connnectors, restarted the transport service and tried sending e-mail to a user on the Ex2007 box again and to an external user, but nothing goes through and I get no return message on any of these attempts.


Ok, apparently from Ex2010 to Ex2007 was a receive connector issue. When I went back and selected Exchange server authentication and restarted the transport service on Ex2007, all the messages sent from the user on the Ex2010 server went through.

I am also able to send from the Ex2010 server to external email addresses, but I am still unable to receive any e-mail from Ex2007 users to the 2010 mailbox. The receive connectors on the Ex2010 box are wide open and all authentication is selected. Yes, I can see some of the messages in queue viewer on the 2007 box, but I don't see any kind of error messages with them.


Ok, this is INSANE. Literally EVERYTHING works except for mail from users on Ex2007 to user on Ex2010. I am able to send and receive email externally to Ex2010 and even send mail to a 2007 user whos domain / MX records sends them through the 2010 server! What is preventing email from going through 2007 server to the 2010 server?


Hi ptechllc,
Per your description, I would suggest the smtp log on the exchange 2007 server to confirm the sesstion issue.
I have run into some same issues caused by firewall or cisco network device.
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