Installing a new Exchange Server with 2010

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I currently have a headend Server 2003 with exchange 2003 and another location that has a backend Server 2003 with exchange 2003. I am replacing the Backend Server 2003 in my location and was planning to bring up the new server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 and then move mailboxes over to the new exchange server.

I am at the point now were I need to run the /prepaireLegacyExchangePermissions and just got a little nevered when I read that I may not be able to create users on our other exchange 2003 server in our other location.

Any advise?


If you want to transition from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010 the best path is to first upgrade the CAS server then HubTransport and Mailbox server. Anyway best practice says that in exchange server 2010 there must be a CAS server in every ad site where there is a mailbox server.System and Network Administrator - MCSA security, CCNA,VCP3,VCP4,MCITP


Hi Cando7272,
Per your description, you have exchange 2003 email system in your org, and have the FrontEnd exchange server in one location and the other one BackEnd in other location, right?
I want to verify that, how many sites do you have, are the locations in different sites?
If the locations are in different sites, that is your FE server and BE server in different sites right?
If you want to deploy exchange 2010 server in the site which your backend hosted, and no exchange 2010 server in your site which FE server hosted, and then, the FE server would no use for your exchange mail system, like david referred, each site must have a CAS sever when the exchange 2003 coexistence with exchange 2010.
About how to do migration, some useful information for you:
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