Re: How to specify the "current entry id" to GetItemFromID?

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Dmitry Streblechenko

The whole point of retrieving the value of the Class property is to make

sure trhat you really have a MailItem object.

Try the following script in OutlookSpy: click Application button on the

OutlookSpy toolbar, go to the Script tab, paste teh script below. Now

whenever a new message arrives, OutlookSpy will open a new IDispatch browser

where you shoudl be able to see all the object properties.

sub Application_NewMailEx(EntryIDCollection)

set Msg = Application.Session.GetItemfromID(EntryIDCollection)


end sub

Dmitry Streblechenko (MVP)


Thank you for your help so far, i change my way to process the incoming e-
mail, use IMessage interface instead of MailItem. These are the steps:

1.Use OpenEntry open the item to get IMessage interface.

2.Use IMessage interface query IMAPIProp interface, then make operation on
the item.

It works fine, Thank you again in advance, you are great people. ^_^
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