How to allow admins to enable ActiveSync and edit address book information in EMC

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Our organization runs Exchange 2010 (RTM code, Rollup 3.) I've been asked to create a role which would allow our help desk admins to enable active sync on mailboxes. I know this functionality isn't available in ECP. Currently, they are only allowed to edit address book info, like title, department, phone, address, etc. This works fine in ECP with a custom role I created, but from what I can see, they will need the EMC to manipulate the ActiveSync settings. I added management role entries to their current role for Get-CASMailbox and Set-CASMailbox. I restricted the Set-CASMailbox parameters to ActiveSyncEnabled and Identity. If I log in as my test user in this role and fire up EMC, all of the fields in the Mailbox Features tab show a yellow lock icon.

Interestingly, I see the same lock icon in the user info fields I mentioned above in EMC, which I have confirmed they can edit without an issue in ECP.

What am I missing as far as unlocking the ActiveSync field, and why would the fields they can currently edit in ECP not be available in EMC?






Hi clukowicz1,

Can you run the cmdlet Set-CASmailbox -Identity user -ActiveSyncEnabled $false in the EMS?

If you can, please add another parameter to the Set-CasMailbox: IgnoreDefaultScope


Set-ManagementRoleEntry " custom role/Set-casmailbox" -parameters Identity,ActivesyncEnabled,IgnoreDefaultScope

Frank Wang
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