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Anand Krishnamoorthy

Hi, I have problem in sending emails from Exch 2010 to Exch 2003. I'm able to receive the emails from Exch 2003 to Exch 2010. Here is my detailed network infrastructure.

1. Exchange 2003 - IP Address - 192.168.245.xx -

2. Exchange 2010 - IP Address - 192.168.250.xx -

Both the servers are connected to different switch and the other end are terminated to a Hardware Firewall.

I'm able to send/receive internet emails from both the Exchange server's. I have created a DNS entry so that both servers can talk to each other and a policy on the firewall too. Now the problem is am not able to receive emails sent from Exch 2010 to Exch 2003. Whereas, it works the other way round. I rearranged the policies on the firewall to ensure no blockage occurs.

I have also requested for removal of public IP Address from the email blacklist and its been done.

Can someone help me on this on where I missed out. I came to know that I can create an internal SMTP connector, so that emails are not transported via WAN. If any info required to narrow down the issue please reply.

Thanks in advance

Anand K

Gulab Mallah

check the send connector and make sure Anonymus is checked and restart the Transport service

Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah

Gulab Mallah

check the send connector and make sure Anonymus is checked and restart the Transport service

Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah

AndyD_ [MVP]

Is this one Exchange org? If so, Where are your routing group connectors?

Anand Krishnamoorthy

Hey I got it working. All I did is create a new SMTP Connector on Exch 2010 and under the Network tab of SMTP Connector, I pointed the ipaddress of Exch 2003. The mails have started flowing from the both the ends fine. Anand K

Gen Lin


Do you configure the exchange 2003 as a Smart Host on the send connector?


Anand Krishnamoorthy

No, I configured the internal send connector smart host on Exch 2010, because am able to receive the mails from exch 2003 but i was not able to mails to exch 2003 from exch 2010.Anand K
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