How to determine the "Distinguished Name string" of a security group for New-ManagementScope command

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On Exchange 2010, I want to grant our service account permissions to be able to Exchange Impersonate only the users that belong to specific Active Directory Security Group. I found an article that gives an example of how to do this:

New-ManagementScope -Name:" TestImpersonation"
-RecipientRestrictionFilter {memberofgroup -eq
" cn=Test,cn=Users,DC=devtest,DC=internal,DC=com" }

However, unfortunetly the article does not explain how to determine the " Distinguished Name string" (e.g. " CN=Test,Cn=Users,DC=..." ) of the security group that you can use as an argument in the New-ManagmentScope command.

So, if I am in Active Directory Users and Computers, looking at the properties of the security group I want to use, is there any easy way I can determine the " Distinguished Name string" for that security group?


Alexei Segundo

Hi Greg

If you have Windows Server 2008 AD or later you can use the attribute editor in ADUC (dsa.msc) to find the distinguishedName. You need the Advanced view switched on to see the attribute editor. If you don't have 2008 AD or later possible other options are:



adfind.exe (from, e.g.

adfind -default -f " (&(objectClass=group)(sAMAccountName=MyGroup))" 1.1

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