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Is there some sort of code that is providing me the amount of connections to the CAS server.

The cmd get-logonstatistics is not telling me the active connections.

Steve Goodman


What kind of CAS connections are you looking to get counts for? You can get Performance Counters that may provide the information you want, for example:

Get-Counter -counter " \MSExchange OWA\Current Unique Users"

Will show the number of logged in OWA users to that specific CAS server.


Steve Goodman
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That one is nice indeed. But I need to know who is connected to the CAS server. And if possible with what kind of device(s) they are connected. And if possible what level is the software that is used to connect...


This one is nice. But is telling me not enough.

I need to know how many users there are connected, who is connected ( username ), the device that is used.
And if possible the level of the client that is used.


Sorry Novak,

My question is relating to the connection to CAS servers. However your info concerning auditing is a nice one. thanks for that.

But not an answer...

When I want to know who ( as in user ) is connectoed through a CAS server there is a blind spot here without using lan sniffers...
and even with a LAN sniffer I'm not certain what account is connected...


Why would this invaluable? It's anoying not to know who is connected. There is no easy way to select a user and see all active connections. From user to Servers/computer/devices etc.

I'll find it interesting to know who is connected to a specific CAS server.



After reading some powershell info I created this string:

get-clientaccessServer | Get-LogonStatistics | where {$_.LastAccessTime -like " 12/14/2010 13:*:*" -AND $_.ApplicationID -like " *MSExchangeRPC" }

It is giving me the info about who is connected on a specific date and time by an RPC connection. But with this one I don't have the
OWA connections, the real active users and have duplicates.

Why is it not possible to get an overview about the current active sessions by name/device and CAS servers.
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