Exchange 2010 - Outlook 2010 - Attachments Stripped on Forward

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We have a new core of Exchange 2010 SP1 with Outlook 2010 clients. We noticed that intermittently, attachments are getting stripped when forwarded to internal users. The forwarding user's Sent Items folder has an email with the attachment. The receiving user has the email, but no attachment. OWA also shows the email, but no attachment.

This behavior is very inconsistent, but happens once in a wile. The Attachment Filtering Agent does not appear to be enabled. GFI MailSecurity and MailEssentials software is installed. Neither is configured to filter any attachments.

I noticed a few newsgroup posts about this issue, but no solutions. Hopefully someone can help.

Tom Vanopoulos

Do you have any Outlook Rules related to attachments?

If you have antivirus installed on Exchange or client machines, temporarily try disabling it and see if the attachments no longer get stripped.

Take a look at the following article related to attachment Filtering on the Exchange Server.

Also, can you try Outlook Web App and see if the attachment appears in OWA?
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Thanks for the reply. I have looked at the Technet article. The attachment filtering agent is disabled outright on this server.

Since this problem is very intermittent (perhaps 1 out of 50 forwarded messages will drop attachments), it is very impractical for me to disable A/V. I might as well shut down my network because someone will certainly pick up a virus.

The attachment is not on OWA. It appears to be stripped before it gets to Outlook or OWA. ActiveSync also strips the attachment.

Is there any logging I can turn on? The typically message tracking logs show that the message was processed successfully. The A/V logs also state the same thing.



Hi Ketchup,
It sounds odd!
Do you use outlook 2010 on windows PC, or outlook on MAC pc?
I have run into a issue like yours on MAC PC, it seems an issue.
I would check the outlook client log, and the pipeline log on the exchange server to confirm the issue.
Yet, it would nees more log to analyze the issue, I would suggest that you could open a ticket from MS, if it is urgent.
Best regards!

leslie hill

OK, we founf the issue.....Forefront was stripping the files off because it didn't like the way in which they had been zipped up. Turns out that when you zip a file information is put in the header of the zip to confirm how the file as been zipped up. The util we where using did not supply all the zip information in the header and Forefront thought it was not a propper zip file and thus treated it as suspect. Once we had contacted the supplier they provided us with a new copy which worked fine.

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