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Ante Gulam


so.. to start.. i've implemented EX2010 in my company.. HUB, MBX and CAS.. everything works fine.. i have multiple external domains etc. So far only few (cca. 10++) users are in a. directory for EX.. few external users use OWA (443/https) to get to their mailboxes.. Yesterday I've had a very strange situation on the server.. My EX is virtual. I've read about it's virt. awareness, optimization etc. so i've developed it virtualy. So yesterday i've tested multi-mailbox option.. i added my acc to group to use this option and started search 'test' in these barely few mailboxes..

i almost forgot i started it .. :) after coming back to office my machine (virtual EX10) was blocked.. freezed.. had no choice but to reset it on manag. console of virtual server manager.. but the reset stopped on 95% and last for few hours.. it looked like the " mail" server stuffed my whole server.. (HP Proliant DL-585).. but proc, memory and disk diagnostic showed nothing unusal. other virtual machines were working as usual also.. i was not in a position to restart whole sever because my production is virtualized on it too.. So i've waited and i've managed to shutdown the mail server and start it again..

after booting everything seemed normal but after starting Exchange Management Console i got the following error msg:

" Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table." ... ...

I've tested everything after and is seems everything is ok now.. mailing send/rec works normaly.. owa also.. if anyone has idea what could have caused this ... ...

thank you in advance for any help..

p.s. where can i find this log to read it again.. where EX puts error logs like this?.. maybe i can get some details about error..

Gulab Mallah

Event view is the place you will find the logs.
Other than that, Transport Log for HT specific issues.

Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah

Ante Gulam

Details of error in time when the mail server was in unoperable state.. unable to reset, kill etc. etc.

as i see most of error like this are after the server already " crashed" ..

-----------------------------------Log Name: Application
Source: MSExchangeRepl
Date: 18.11.2010. 16:32:35
Event ID: 3154
Task Category: Service
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: mail.xxx.local
Active Manager failed to mount database Mailbox Database 0955097464 on server mail.xxx.local.
Error: An Active Manager operation failed with a transient error.
Please retry the operation. Error: A transient error occurred during discovery of the
database availability group topology. Error: Database action failed with transient error.
Error: A transient error occurred during a database operation. Error: MapiExceptionNetworkError: Unable to make admin interface connection to server. (hr=0x80040115, ec=-2147221227)

This is the first error in EV related ti MSEX..

----Log Name: Application
Source: MSExchangeFDS
Date: 18.11.2010. 16:32:08
Event ID: 1028
Task Category: General
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: mail.xxx.local
Process MSExchangeFDS.exe (PID=1876). Errors occurred while synchronizing content from server MAIL for object MAIL, remote server is unavailable, giving up after 5 retries. Please check previous error events logged by MSExchangeFDS for more information.
------before that was only this error which i asume is because when i started first multi-mailbox search i didn't select which mbx's..

System.ServiceModel.FaultException: Specify which mailboxes you want to search in the " Mailboxes to Search" section.

There are also few warnings in time while it was in unaccesible state:

The Mailbox Replication service was unable to determine the set of active mailbox databases on a mailbox server.
Mailbox server: MAIL.xxx.local
Error: MapiExceptionNetworkError: Unable to make admin interface connection to server. (hr=0x80040115, ec=-2147221227)
Diagnostic context:
I'm not sure what exactly caused this ... i was afraid my whole virtual env. will came down.. few other machines bacame inaccessible throught manag. console of esx like they were dead but i was able to ping them and connect trough rdp to them...

i asume that multimbx search maybe cause large amount of I/O operations.. but let's be real it's only fre mailboxes with only dozen mails in them... if it means anything i have 3 HDD's in RAID5.. 15krpm... and 10 virtual machines on that server but all of them have really small i/o and small activity in general..

thank you..

btw. these errors which concerns HA maybe may be ignored..

i'm not using any HA at all at this time..

Ante Gulam

I keep getting this message every cca 2h:

The following fatal alert was generated: 10. The internal error state is 1203.
<Provider Name=" Schannel" Guid=" {1F678132-5938-4686-9FDC-C8FF68F15C85}" />

does anyone has any idea what could have been causing this ?!



What"s the version on ESX?

&middot; ESX 3.5 Update 2, 3, 4

&middot; ESX 3.5 Update 5

Per my knowledge, the error events like 36887 or 36888 are simply a feature of in Windows Server 2008 R2 which any negotiation or problem the emergence of unexpected messages for secure channel can be recorded because be spoofing attacks, or denial of service

Usually, it will be logged if you try to access a SSL site (443) by using HTTP protocol (80), which is the expected behavior, or you have an expired certificate somewhere and it needs to be removed

If it"s not what happens in your environment, you can enable Schannel event logging in IIS for troubleshooting (KB 260729)

As I"m not the expert on the platform area, please use the &ldquo;Windows Server - General&rdquo; forum which would be the best place to seek for troubleshooting this event

James Luo

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