Manage OWA access during the migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 (Resource Forest)

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Hi !!!

- We have AD W2K3 with Exchange 2003 SP2 in ForestA. ISA 2006 exists...

- We want to move mailboxes from ForestA to ForestB (AD W2K3), Exchange 2010 exists...(Resource Forest).

- Trust relation exists between ForestA and ForestB.

- How can we manage OWA access during coexistence??


Sembee [MVP]

Two unique URLs and users knowing which URL to use is going to be the only option, because you are going across Forests.
That will mean two IP addresses, SSL certificates etc, and separate publishing rules in ISA.

The trust means nothing.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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Is this possible??

ForestA: https://...OWA1 ForestB: https://...OWA2 From Internet: https://...OWA

GroupA: Users in ForestA with mailboxes in ForestA GroupB: Users in ForestA with mailboxes in ForestB

ISA Server Rule: ForestA user " UserA" access Exchange from Internet (https://...OWA).... then:
If UserA belongs to GroupA then redirect to https://...OWA1 If UserA belongs to GroupB then redirect to https://...OWA2


Hi Carlosdlra,
Per your description, it is impossible to achieve your target as your referred.
How could you achieve the redirection through https://...owa, per my known, if the exchange ORG in the different forest, we could not achieve the redirection for the web service.
If you use mailbox of exchange 2010 which is hosted in forest B as a resource forest, and want to use the user account in the Forest A, maybe you need create linked mailbox in the forest B, right?
You need publish all the OWA webURL for the users in the different forests.



As I understand what Carlosdlra says, users are validated in a forest A and mailboxes are located in another forest B
It's right that create linked mailbox in the forest B because users are disabled in this forest.
The architecture is (EXCHG.65). Aspx
The period of coexistence during migration (users accessing Exchange 2003 and users who access Exchange 2010), the question is:

How to make a difference access to OWA 2003 and OWA 2010 through ISA server 2006 for non-migrated and migrated users?
I think do it with ISA server 2006 groups and publish all the OWA webURL for each group.

Group A: Access to OWA 2003

Group B: Access to OWA 2010
I have never done this action and do not know if it's possible in ISA server.


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