Exchange 2010 - Blank e-mail body in Outlook but typically viewable in OWA

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We have a relatively new install of Exchange 2010 (not an upgrade and no migrated accounts - all fresh) and have found since installing it that certain e-mails are arriving with blank bodies.

We have tested many things including local and server based antivirus and third party firewalls etc but none are causing the problem - we are still having the problem on clean workstations with no third party software inslatted and on workstations using Outlook 2003 or 2007.

With Outlook 2007 installed on the server (for test purposes) the problem is still apparent, whether viewing the e-mails as the primary mailbox or even as an additional mailbox - with NO other workstation or device opening or retrieving them first.

9 out of 10 e-mails that are not viewable in Outlook, ARE viewable in OWA and if forwarded back to the original recipient they can then be read in Outlook. Although occasionally the mail is not viewable in OWA either.

After further investiations, we have isolated the problem to being exclusive to html messages, and found that those problematic messages are missing certain formatting tags - if we remove the portion of incorrectly formatted messages and resend them they are viewable without a problem.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as we are at an end - the only current solution is requesting the original senders to resend using either plain or rich text which I am sure you can appreciate is neither convenient or acceptable.

Just to confirm, it is not a 3rd party add-in, antivirus or firewall problem as the problem is apparent on EVERY workstation and the server (regardless of which machine first opened the message).

Thanks in advance...

AndyD_ [MVP]

So these arent messages sent internally, only from external senders - Outside of Exchange? What do you mean by " certain e-mails are arriving with blank bodies" ?


Malformed html messages ... usually the culprit is either antivirus client (you said clean so Ill ignore this one) or the hygene inplace in front of exchange.

If it's only external senders (which is implied) start looking at your hygene solution. Most tweak headers as messages are recieved (usuallly they like to add an x-header in if they can get away with it) and it's possible your AV is malforming the message body during this process.

I'm stretching a bit but if you have AV on your Exchange server so ther's not a huge risk you may want to try eliminating what ever is in it's path.


Do you have Nod32 installed on the clients /? i had this problem with 3 clients and turned out to be, the 3 times, from Nod32lAdK
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AndyD_... They are mostly external emails, although there have been a few occasions where internal email have the same problem. When I say certain e-mails, I refer to HTML messages, but not all HTML messages - it happens more often after a message has bounced around or had a few replies (I guess increasing the risk of corrupt html coding).


There is no AV on the exchange server (pretty much an out of the box setup) and client machines without AV experience the exact problem.

Sorry to sound stupid - what do you mean " hygene solution" ?



No Nod32, AV or any third party firewall software etc on server or clients...
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