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We host multiple smtp domains in our Exchange 2010 sp1 org. All smtp domains use one A record for autodiscover and one A record for all the exhchange web services. Example, The principal name in the certificate is, and we use DNS SRV records on the internet so the various smtp domains we host can find the autodisover service. This process appears to be working fine, all users are running Outlook 2010. My question is regarding the users who's smtp domain is different from They can connect, but they have to connect using instead using there smtp domain extension. We can get around this by creating upn suffixes for all the domains we host, and then change the user account to use the upn suffix, but this creates alot of hlep desk work. I was wondering if there is another way to allow the users to log on when using outlook anywhere and be able to use the users smtp domain as the log in name, without having to add a bunch of upn suffixes?

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You'll have to add the UPN suffixes. You should probably look at some sort of process to automate this. A couple background notes:

--> The UPN suffix doesn't have to be defined in the list of upn suffixes for the forest to be valid. The AD and Exchange UI tools use this for validation, and it will be used for forest trusts, but it serves no purposes aside from that.

--> The forest level list has a limit of about 1300 suffixes or thereabouts, but, nothing prohibits you from not listing the suffixes there.

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