The Security certificate has Expired or is not yet valid

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ashraf khan

hi everybody,

I have installed exchange server 2007 on my server last year, few days back all the exchange users start getting the security certificate has expired message......

How can i solve this issue...i have around 100 exchange clients, is there any why to renew the certificate or do i have to buy new license...pls help me some one....


1. If you don't have a CA in your domain and want to assign a selfsigned certificate (which is the easiest option) follow the article below

2. If you have a CA in your domain or want a third party certificate then create a CSR first by using hte following cmdlet.

New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest -Path c:\cerreq.csr -SubjectName cn=servername -DomainName: *, servername, server-fqdn, dnsalias-that-users-use -KeySize 2048 -PrivateKeyExportable: $true

after you have the CSR file use it to generate a new certificate from your enterprice CA and once you have the certificate install it by using the following cmdlet

Import-ExchangeCertificate -Path c:\certificatefile.p7b

they run the following to view the thumbprint of the certificate


run the following cmdlet to apply the imported certificate

Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Thumbprint BD6........B3DE14DFFA45......DB3 -Services IIS, POP, IMAP, SMTP

MCSE | MCITP - Server 2008 | MCITP - Exchange 2007 | MCTS - Exchange 2010

Gen Lin


If you are using a self-signed certificate from exchange server 2007, you can renew the expired certificate by the following command:

1. Open Exchange Management Shell, type:

get-exchangecertificate |fl

You will see the detail information about your exchange certificate.

Please note the " IsSelfSigned" and " Thumbprint" section, if the value of IsSelfSignedis true. It means that your current certificate is from exchange server. Then please run the command to renew it.

get-exchangecertificate -Thumbprint xxx... |new-exchangecertificate

If the existing certificate is being used as the default SMTP certificate, you will get the following prompt:

Overwrite existing default SMTP certificate,
"C5DD5B60949267AD624618D8492C4C5281FDD10F" (expires 8/22/2008 7:20:34 AM), with certificate "3DA55740509DBA19D1A43A9C7161ED2D0B3B9E3E" (expires 1/28/2009 7:37:31 AM)?
[Y] Yes [A] Yes to All [N] No [L] No to All Suspend [?] Help
(default is “Y”):

The default SMTP certificate is used to encrypt SMTP sessions between transport servers in your organization.

Type y to continue. A new certificate is generated.

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