ActiveSync proxy problem from Exchange 2010 CAS to Exchange 2007 CAS

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As part of the our pre 2010 migration, I'm trying to test what happens to users still on 2007 mailbox servers when we move the main external url over to the 2010 CAS. I've been following various guides such as

I'm stuck on one problem with ActiveSync (an iPhone).

When the device is set to connect to the 2010 CAS and looking to a 2007 mailbox, the 2010 CAS tries to proxy the connection back to a 2007 CAS (as expected), however it fails. I'm getting the following error in the IIS logs on the 2007 CAS:

2010-11-24 15:55:21 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/Proxy - 443 - Apple-iPhone3C1/802.117 401 2 5 0

2010-11-24 15:55:21 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/Proxy &Log=PrxFrom: 443 DOMAIN\2010CAS$ Apple-iPhone3C1/802.117 441 0 0 0

2010-11-24 15:55:21 POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/Proxy cmd=ProxyLogin&Log=PrxFrom: 443 DOMAIN\2010CAS$ - 403 0 0 0

( is the 2010 CAS & is the 2007 CAS)

The only other post i can find suggests its an issue with the authentication methods, but I've read that because the 2010 CAS proxies to the /Proxy/ directory withing the active sync directory, you dont need to change the main virtual directory authentication.

Can anybody shed any light on the 'MissingCscCacheEntry' or 'LackingExtendedRights' errors in this context?




To follow up, here are the corresponding IIS logs from the 2010 CAS:

2010-11-29 15:27:47 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas &Log=PrxTo:2007CAS.fqdn.internal_LdapC1_LdapL15_Error:protocolError.Forbidden_Mbx:2007MBX.fqdn.internal_Budget:(D)Conn%3a1%2cHangingConn%3a0%2cAD%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f1%25%2cCAS%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cAB%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cRPC%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cFC%3a1000%2f0%2cPolicy%3aDefaultThrottlingPolicy%5F0e0cf308-58ee-4f3d-a19d-8e62f6bcdafb%2cNorm_ 443 DOMAIN\user 90.*.*.* Apple-iPhone3C1/802.117 500 0 0 62
2010-11-29 15:27:47 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas &Log=PrxTo:2007CAS.fqdn.internal_LdapC1_Error:protocolError.Forbidden_Mbx:2007MBX.fqdn.internal_Budget:(D)Conn%3a1%2cHangingConn%3a0%2cAD%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f1%25%2cCAS%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cAB%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cRPC%3a%24null%2f%24null%2f0%25%2cFC%3a1000%2f0%2cPolicy%3aDefaultThrottlingPolicy%5F0e0cf308-58ee-4f3d-a19d-8e62f6bcdafb%2cNorm_ 443 DOMAIN\user 90.*.*.* Apple-iPhone3C1/802.117 500 0 0 46

( is the IP of the 2010 CAS NLB containing the above

It actually appears in the logs several times, twice for each 2007 CAS in the AD site (once with " LdapC1_LdapL15" in the sting and once with just " LdapC1" ).

Again i cant find much with this error message, " ProtocolError.Forbidden" either for EAS proxying.

I seem to get the same error whichever combination of 2010 CAS (2) and 2007 CAS (3) gets used - they all fail - so I'm guessing its something to do with the way we have the various IIS directories configured across our network.

The 2010 CAS are running SP1 with the latest Rollup and the 2007 CAS are running SP3 (well 2 of the 3 are).

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.



Hi Andy,

I haven't tested with any other devices, as we only use ActiveSync for iPhones and iPads (everybody else in the organization are on Blackberries through a BES). I'll see if i can borrow something else though just for testing purposes.

iPhones work fine if its a 2010 mailbox connecting via the 2010 CAS or a 2007 mailbox connecting via the 2007 CAS, so its not something blatantly wrong with the EAS install on any of the boxes, its just 2007 mailboxes connecting via the 2010 CAS thats giving me headaches.

Thanks for the link, i did see something about iPhones not supporting the redirect/autodiscover functionality correctly, so i wasn't expecting it to automatically switch to the "" external URL of the 2007 CAS. Everything I've read seems to suggest that in this situation though the 2010 CAS should just proxy the EAS traffic to the 2007 CAS internalurl itself, which is what it is trying and failing to do with the above errors.

I've just spotted that this iPhone is on 4.1, so I will try to install the just released 4.2 on the off chance that helps with the redirection/autodiscover, but I'm not holding up much hope as it does seem to be an Exchange issue where the proxying is concerned.



Possible cause: The account used for CAS to CAS proxying does not have " ms-Exch-EPI-Token-Serialization" extended AD permissions on the non-internet facing CAS


Get-ClientAccessServer -server Exchange2007CASServerName | Add-ADPermission -Accessrights Extendedright -Extendedrights " ms-Exch-EPI-Token-Serialization" -User " DOMAIN\2010CAS$"



Thanks James, that seems to have fixed the errors i was seeing in the IIS logs, and the proxy requests seem to be going through ok now. Any ideas why the new 2010 CAS servers didn't have that permission by default?

Now that the iPhone can talk through to one of the 2007 CAS servers via the 2010 CAS url, it seems to be updating its server URL to the external URL of one of the 2007 CAS servers. So it looks like the iPhone can now accept the redirect/autodiscover requests, but it has to be able to proxy through to the 2007 CAS first before it will update (I.E the 2010 CAS doesn't return all the required information itself if it cant talk to the 2007 CAS).

Thanks for the help James & Andy

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