Any system impact if change exchange 2010 CAS/HUB and Mailbox server IP address

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For some reason, our production IP address need to change. I wonder cound I change all of exchange 2010 IP address which include CAS/HUB and mailbox role.

Is it use normal change IP steps or need special steps to perform ? And also, any system impact ? Pls advise.


Per my knowledge, changing IP address shouldn"t cause any issues as long as the DNS servers are up to date. All connectors have the server names should be able to resolved to IP address with the help of DNS

You can check with your DNS team to get an update about how the records are managed.

Few other points:

They will have to change the routing path on the router if incoming email traffic is forwarded other smarthost to exchange server

Also, if connectors on the exchange use specific IP address instead of " All Unassigned" , after changing the IP address in the properties of network adaptor, you need to double-check in the properties to make sure the new IP address is reflected there

Please do the same on the “Internal DNS Lookups” and “External DNS Lookups” options (Reference)

Additional Resources:

5 things to consider when changing the IP of an Exchange server

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