Proper way to install Exchange 2010 SP1 on a CAS Array

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I have been unable to find the proper documentation which outlines installing SP1 on a CAS Array. My first attempt at installing SP1 failed after the CAS/HUB was uninstalled and SP1 had started installing which put me in a situation where I could not do an uninstall or reinstall. I eventaully got it all worked out and now back to RTM. I have an HLB (Kemp 2200) in front of the CAS/HUB. I disabled the CAS/HUB on the HLB that I was attempting to patch and all users continued to work but after reinstalling the CAS/HUB after the SP1 failure users started to get SSL security prompts becasue I had not completed changing all the URLs. The cert didn't match the URL. This is expected except I didn't have the server enabled in the HLB. Is it recommended to remove the CAS server from the CAS Array? This is where I would like to have the proper procedures for installing SP1 on a CAS Array...

Sembee [MVP]

The only reason you had problems with your previous installation was because it was a reinstallation. A service pack installation wouldn't have that problem. Therefore you should be able to simply run the setup.exe GUI on one of the nodes and let it complete.

Disabling the server in the load balancer doesn't stop Outlook from connecting to the server. If one of the URLs that it uses resolves to that server, then traffic will be directed to it.

Thus your original plan of removing the server from the load balancer then doing the upgrade was sound. Given the use of a load balancer that is what I would do.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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" You need to 'drain stop' each individual CAS server as you patch it anyway to keep the client disconnects and reconnects as low as possible … we do not remove the server from the CAS Array ... Until you have patched your second server and added it into the load-balanced array, you could have a service interruption by the failure of that one server”

----------Refer to <Patching the Multi-Role Server DAG>

Quote: &ldquo;Is it recommended to remove the CAS server from the CAS Array?&rdquo;

I think that depends on the time cost for this patching action, and if your company can accept the service interruption during the patching. Usually, the upgrade schedule is on the weekend, which should manage the impact to the end users at a minimum

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