Exchange 2010 and Mail Access outside of Organization

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My understanding is that with Exchange 2010 - the whole OWA model is gone, meaning that in the DMZ the only thing that gets loaded out there is the Edge Transport Role.

My question is this: Supposed I want to be able to manage my mail from home or anywhere from outside of the organization's firewall. In previous models it seemed that OWA was accessed on a perimiter server and just passed traffic back and forth. Where as now - I believe I read somewhere that I woudl just assign some name e.g. on the internal Exchange 2010 server - of which the firewall would have a hole thru it on 443 for some public IP directly to the Exchange 2010 Hub Transport / CAS server.

But it seems that I am missing something here ... to me a hole directly to the backbone from the internet is less secure... it would seem that I would want to connect and authenticate thru the edge server - who then handles mail / messages back and forth to me the client.

Would apprecaite some clarification on the best way to secure this kind of model.



aaarrrggghhhb [MCITP]


If by OWA model you mean the 2003 FrontEnd/Backend model, then yes this has changed a little bit. It is not recommended to put an Exchange server in a perimiter network. I dont think this was advised with 2003 either. AD is fundamental to Exchange and you would have to poke so many holes as to render your firewall pointless.

There are two types of traffic to consider, OWA traffic comes in via HTTPS and needs to ultimately land on a Client Access Server (role). If you wanted to protect this traffic and possibly inspect it in the DMZ (my customers do this for compliance most often) then i would suggest a reverse proxy server such as TMG (formerly ISA).

If you want to inspect SMTP mail traffic coming in from the internet (to a Hub Transport server) then you would use any number of Antispam/Antivirus gatways. From Microsoft you may look at a combination of any/all of these: Exchange Edge Transport role (designed to go in a DMZ), Threat Management Gateway (which may also be used above), and Forefront Protection for Exchange.


Thanks for the info ... I guess the concern is that a box on the backbone could be comprimised - I suggested something like TMG and publishing the mail server... ( ) but what if the TMG server resides one leg on the backbone I am trying to protect and the other on firewall side where traffic would be coming from. Would I not be in the same boat?

How exactly does this reverse proxy work?

As far as inspecting SMTP traffic I have a solution that would sit on the Hub Transport box - and grab say port 25 mail and forward to Hub listening on different port.



Jonas Andersson [MCITP]

If TMG isn't enough security, why allow it at all, use SSL VPN or normal VPN and let the users only access their mail from " inside" ?

Or publish it with TMG and also use 3rd factor authentication? Like RSA etc..

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aaarrrggghhhb [MCITP]


If i get you correctly you may have a configuration that looks like this:

Internet---Firewall1---(DMZ)---Firewall2---Internal Network(s)

Those firewalls could be a single firewall with a DMZ port going to a switch as well. Also there could be multiple separate " Internal" networks.

Are you asking, what if you plug one interface of TMG into the DMZ and one interface into the internal network? Aren't you bypassing the internal firewall? The answer is yes, in that case your internal security (DMZ to Internal and vice versa) is only as good as the weaker of the two firewalls. If an attacker were able to get through either one, the other wouldn't necessarily be protecting you.

In the case of above one of several possible configurations is to put the TMG server(s) with a single leg in the DMZ network, it is your endpoint for OWA connections coming in. It can inspect them, filter them, then it will establish a connection through the inner firewall to the Exchange CAS server(s) inside. The outside firewall would only allow OWA traffic (IP and port) to the TMG, and the internal firewall would only allow it from TMG to the internal servers (specifically CAS and no others).


So it sounds as if there are two choices... 1 make road users VPN into the firewall and then tunnel to the mail server with either OWA or Rich Client?

Or 2 - and I am not sure if I have the model right as shown above... I believe what it may look like is internet --> firewall --> DMZ and internet --> firewall --> Forefront (external NIC) --> forefront firewall --> backbone (internal NIC) where the DMZ might be where a relay or edge server . in prior versions it seemed proper to have Exchange FE running in DMZ and then traffic woudl flow back thru the firewall and to the backbone. But I would gather that the FE solution was riskier as it required more holes thru firewall doign to various servers on the backbone - but was more secure from a public accessable server - in that if that hardware/server was comprimised - only it was comprimised (albeit the argument was that now you had more holes to try and get into the backbone or the network).

It sounds to me if I wanted to do this right and not require VPN access - I would need a second Forefront Server. Stick that server in a DMZ with just one NIC in use - and use this server strickly for MAIL access. My second Forefront server would stay put for all other internet traffic - where it is on the backbone - one leg for the traffic destined to the firewall and eventually the internet and one leg for my network traffic that wants to go out.

I welcome any and all thoughts. Thanks



You can use direct access, if users who will read mail form outside, use corporate notebooks.
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