hosting a single domain name, but keep all users 'seperate'

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I would like to host 1 domain name, but I want to keep most "customers" separate from seeing each other (private from the whole). It other words, I may have a small group of individuals who should remain grouped with the ability to see & share exchange resources, but I will also have a few that should be totally isolated from the rest. Remember, they'll all have the same domain name. Is this possible WITHOUT the Exchange 2010 hosting mode? Or, does this have to be done with Exchange 2010 hosted mode?


Actually, yes.

I assume that 1 tennant equals 1 company that you support, correct?

I suppose my real question is this: If you have one tennant, one Exchange server in hosted mode, and one domain name, can the mailboxes "see" each other? By that I mean, can you see your fellow employees in the GAL, and make requests for appointments?

What if you don't want them to "see" each other.

Steve Goodman

You may be better asking this in the specific Exchange 2010 hosting forums, but as far as I am aware you each tenant owns a seperate domain. You can setup Mailbox plans to hide users from the GAL etc, but not sure if this will meet your needs.

Can't the set of "isolated" users use a different domain?


Steve Goodman
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