Recommended Reboots for EX2010

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How often should we reboot our Exchange 2010 environment?
I have heard quarterly; every 90 days or so? Is that too aggressive/neurotic?

Follow up question, last night our tertiary Mailbox server's Operating System recycled itself.
It had not been rebooted in 118 days.
Is it absurd to think that because the server hadn't been rebooted in 118 days is the reason why the OS recycled?

Brian Day MCITP

You shouldn't have to reboot at all except for whenever you perform routing patching/upgrades. I've seen Exchange servers have birthdays before being rebooted. Now keep in mind that means they did no patching during that time, which I strongly would not recommend following suite.

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And your thoughts on the possiblity that anything Exchange related could have caused a 2008 R2, Enterprise Server's OS to randomly recycle?

AndyD_ [MVP]

I agree with Brian. No need for "scheduled reboots" as part of any maintenance cycle.

If the server rebooted itself, then something else is going on.

Brian Day MCITP

Never seen it myself, further investigation would be necessary.


MS Support Offical Answer:

As per our conversation, I did check with my peers and our internal database and confirmed that there is “No Requirement” as such to reboot the server on a periodic basis.
Sometimes the updating of some new files / patches on the existing systems may require restart which will be informed in message prompt.

In practice some patches will reboot your server by force to activate its function.
You should reboot the server when the updates promote you to make a reboot else schedule the same.
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