Account Settings URL in Outlook 2010 - File - Info

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Where does Outlook 2010 get the owa url in File - Info - Account Settings? Its incorrect but I don't know where in Exchange 2010 to fix that url.



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Autodiscover is a good place to look - from Outlook you can test the automatic account setup and it should tell you the settings it receives from the Exchange server.



Found it...

In the ECP it's under Server Configuration - Client Access - then click on your server(s) and then click on the Outlook Web App tab. Open the owa (Default Web Site) and you can change the URL in there.

In our case we had an Internal URL which was correct and an External URL which was not. I guess Outlook 2010 defaults with grabbing the External URL first even if your computer is sitting inside the network.

I removed the external url all together since we don't have one and then Outlook grabbed the Internal url which was fine.



Brian Day MCITP

I removed the external url all together since we don't have one and then Outlook grabbed the Internal url which was fine.

The Internal URL should be the FQDN of the CAS server, it isn't a URL used by users. InternalURL is the URL a CAS server uses if it has to do a CAS-to-CAS proxy across two different AD sites. ExternalURL is the value a user uses to access OWA regardless of where they are.

Scroll down to the Proxying and Redirection in Outlook Web App section in this article and look for where InternalURL is.

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