Number of database on a server in DAG Exchange 2010 sp1

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I will deploy Exchange 2010SP1-RU2 (OS: Windows 2008 R2)
I want to deploy 1 DAG over 2 Datacenters
When I have 1 server in each datacenters, how many databases can I create on a server 50 databases or 100 ?
Suppose I have 100 databases mounted on Server1 and 100 mounted on server2 I can't move a mailboxdatabase to either server ? (so in this case 50 mounted databases per server so failover can occur ?
Within a DAG I can have 16 mailboxservers is this correct ?



Michel de Rooij

That figure of 100 includes both active and passive database copies. So, when you've split the databases 50/50, meaning you have 50 active copies on Server1 and 50 active copies on Server2, this means you need to take into account (i.e. leave room) for the 50 passive copies on those servers.

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FYI... Recovery DBs are not included in that 100 count. :)

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“A DAG member can host one copy of each mailbox database, with a maximum of 100 databases per server in the Enterprise Edition of the product (both active and passive copies count toward this limit). This means that there is a limit of 1,600 databases supported by a 16-member DAG (100 database copies per server × 16 servers per DAG ÷ 1 copy per database = 1,600 databases per DAG)”

----------Refer to <Understanding High Availability Factors>

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