Installing an email cert into Exchange OWA

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Hi All,

Can someone please tell me how to install an email certificate into Exchange 2010 OWA, I have already enabled M/MIME in the options menu and have ticked both boxes underneath, but there is no menu option to import or install the certificate like there is if you use outlook or similiar mail client. I only want to use my Exchange OWA and not any other email client.

I can't find anything on the Web to find the answer.


Tom Vanopoulos

If you already have the certificate generated. You can use the Shell to import the SSL certifcate.

From link:

Import-ExchangeCertificate -Path c:\certificates\import.pfx -Password:(Get-Credential).password

After it is imported you can open up IIS Manager and check under the Bindings of the Default Web Site if the correct certificate is being used on Port 443.

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Sembee [MVP]



Hi Gents,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I was on about client certificates for signing email, not the web itself.

Can you confirm whether I would actually have to use an outlook account to do this process, or could i install the cert through a Windows Live Mail account, then find it would be available through Exchange OWA?

Also on a different note, I recently had an old hotmail account spoofed by some spammer who started to send spam pretendidng to come from me. They had also some how managed to aquire my whole conatacts list and start sending spam to them. HOW THE ____ DID THEY DO THIS??? more importantly how did they get all my conatcts email addresses? One of the reasons I have spent time learning how to master exhcnage is that i want host my own mail in the efforts to make it more secure. I have suceesfully imstalled a UC Cert which I understand is to protect my persoanl domain. Will this alone prevent someone from spoofing my email address, or is the only way to secure it by digitally signing every mail out to people (which is unrealistic as even my work's corporate mail system does not digitally sign outgoing mail, think they use clear text)

Thanks in advance for your support

Sembee [MVP]

Hotmail questions should be directed to Hotmail - this is a forum for Exchange only.
You will need to use an Exchange client to upload the certificate, Live Mail is NOT an Exchange account. If you don't have access to Outlook, then you will be unable to sign messages.

Very little that you can do to stop someone from spoofing your email address. Signing the email doesn't really prove a great deal other than saying that the message wasn't tampered with. It doesn't show that it has come from you.


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Hi Simon,

Would an exchange client include outlook express? or would it have to be the full fat version? Also if I was to upload the certificate and then uninstall the mail client, could I still digitally sign the email through OWA?


Sembee [MVP]

As I have already said twice - you need to use Outlook. Nothing else is an Exchange client.
You should be able to uninstall Outlook afterwards, but you would have to install it again to do anything with the certificate.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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