Recurring Meeting - Remove from Calendar Ownership Error

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Dear Exchange Gurus,

We are running Outlook 2007 on an Exchange Server 2003. We have had a couple of staff report issues when their Manager cancelled one date in a recurring appointment that the Manager had created. When they click the " Remove from Calendar" option they get the error, " As the meeting organizer you do not need to respond to the meeting" . So it won't allow them to remove it.

Any ideas why this might be occurring when they are not the meeting organiser?



Gen Lin


Please try the following steps to remove the meeting:

1. Opne Outlook->Calendar, right click the meeting you would like to remove and choose Open. Then Select " Open this occurence."

2. Click " Cancel Meeting" , select " Delete this occurence" .

3. Click Send Cancellation.

If the issue persists, please test the problem on exchange online mode:

1. Click Tools->Options->Mail setup tab->E-mail Accounts.

2. Highlight the outlook account, click Change.

3. Uncheck the " Use Cached Exchange mode" checkbox and restart the outlook.

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