Outlook 2010 cannot find suggested times with Exchange 2007.

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Mark Watts

I have a client that has Exchange 2007 SP2 and a few Outlook 2010 users that use Outlook Anywhere. These users are not able to receive suggested times but can see free/busy info. Outlook 2007 users don't have this issue. I have tested this myself with other Exchange 2007 orgs I have and see the same issue with Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2007.

I attempt the same test with a client that has Exchange 2010 and with Outlook 2010, suggested times work fine.

Auto discover is setup and working perfectly. I test against the Remote Connectivity Tool and their are no problems. Is anyone aware of compatibility issues between Outlook 2010 suggested times and Exchange 2007 SP2?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Watts

I just wanted to update that this Exchange 2007 server is running Service Pack 2. Anyone know if Service Pack 3 may address this issue?

Thank you

Evan Liu

Hi Mark,

Based on my research, this may not a compatibility issue. From the following document we can know that “When scheduling a meeting, Room Finder displays suggested times for the best time for your meeting” can work well on Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2007 sp1.

Assess how Outlook 2010 works with different versions of Exchange Server


For this issue, I want to clarify the following information before we go further:

1. Does this issue occur when you via OWA?

2. As your users are using Outlook Anywhere, please use Outlook 2010 in your domain to see this issue will occur or not( based on my know, this issue often occurs with Outlook Anywhere).

3. If you get any error, please paste your error in your next post. With the error, I can help you more efficiently.

Please help me to collect the information at your convenience, with the information, we can help you more efficiently.



Mark Watts

Hi Evan,

1.The issues does not occur via OWA. Suggested times are viewable.

2. I have no way of checking this, but I will see what I can find out.

3.There are no errors.

Again I should state that the Outlook 2010/Outlook Anywhere users can see free busy info it is just the suggested times that will not display. If the same user connects to Outlook Anywhere with Outlook 2007 they are able to see suggested times. The only thing that is different is the version of Outlook being used.

Thank you

Pekka Aaltio


I'm having the same issue with Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2007 SP3.

Alltough after iisreset on CAS server suggested times works for a day or two.
I've increased logging on availability and free/busy with nothing but more information log events that doesn't help with this problem.

If anyone have a resolution to this, let us know.

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