need help retrieving email from previous Outlook Profile

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a customer was using Outlook 2007 (pops) via Windows 7 on their standalone laptop
i changed the network configuration and computer name on the laptop so that it could join our company domain
alongside this i gave the customer a new network login account to login to their laptop
what i didn't do was backup their Outlook data and transfer over into their new network profile
question is - can i retrieve their Outlook email data? for transfering over into their new profile?
thank you


There should be an 'Outlook.pst' file in their old user profile, which should contain all previously saved messages.


Yes look for all of the following files:

*.PST (storage file for outlook objects)

*.OST (full copy of the mailbox)

*.NK2 (Office 2003 and 2007 only but can be imported to office2010)

And the folder "signatures" is also nice to copy so you dont have to re-create the signature if they allready have one. (time saving)

Other good stuff to copy is the favorites folder.
You need to be logged in as admin to copy the items. Most likely the new user profile dont have access to the old one.

Good luck.


With best regards Gorgis


thanks guys much appreciated

I found a .pst file in users\local\microsoft\outlook

It's 7 days old... and i get from the customer that they used their email after this time and so to go back to this PST will mean them loosing 7 days data (customer bookings information)

I didn't find an OST file anywhere on the laptop... should I have?


No not necessary.

Depending on if you have the option "Use Cashed Exchange Mode" checked at the previous user profile in Outlook.

If the option is checked then the OST file is created. (Otherwise e-mails remain only on the server)

In cashed Exchange mode a local copy of the inbox is stored in the ost file and its good for laptops so you can read your e-mails when offline.

(of for stationary computers when a LAN/Network is down)


With best regards Gorgis


Where did they save the customer bookings information, open the pst folder and let them have a look maybe they saved it elsewhere somtime users think they refer to something in the e-mail while accutally it is already stored in other localtion for ex network share or similar...
ask the user to show you exactly where by login in to the old profile and open the outlook from there. (all should remain as it was before your change I think?)

Just simply dont login to the "domain" change to login to this computer "hostname" at the login window and use the old user account to login.

With best regards Gorgis


i changed the computer name from what it was originally ... do you think i could still log-in locally using the previous username with the old profile?

thanks for your time gorgis
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