Users get login prompt in Outlook 2007 when accessing Exchange Server 2007

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Hi - thanks for reading this.

This morning our server running Small Business Server 2008 with Exchange 2007 wouldn't boot up. It was shut down correctly last night by me while we turned the power off to fit some new lights. We didnt know the problem was with the UPS and staff needed to access the internet.

WHAT I DID: I switched on three PC's and at the login screen I selected " Options" and in the " Log on to" field I selected " myname (this computer)" and then used the username and password that staff used before they I joined the PC o the SBS2008 domain. I then manually changed the IP address on the network card for these three PC's so they could access the internet via our router which worked.

WHAT HAPPENED: We fixed the power problem and the server booted up no problem. The three PC's we had logged into locally were the only PC's that were physically on when the server started up. To avoid any problems I first changed the network card settings back to DHCP on these three PC's so the server would once again allocate the IP address. I then re-booted these three PC's.

Staff who had left their PC's off logged back in as usual and everything worked fine.

THE PROBLEM: At the login prompt we changed the " Log on to:" back to the domain and staff entered their SBS2008 username and password which were accepted fine. When their desktop appeared only a few standard icons were shown, they did not see the icons that they usually see. To try and correct this they logged out then back in a few times. Eventually their correct Desktop icons re-appeared and everything seems to be okay - apart from Outlook 2007 that is!!

Now Outlook is asking for a username and password but ONLY on these three PC's. We entered DOMAINNAME\user and the password which looked like it had worked. A message appeared saying it was trying to connect to the exchange server. It connected but then another message appeared saying " connection lost" (I'll have to confirm the exact message but something is not right).

Outlook works fine on all other PC's apart from these three.

Any suggestions of the best way to proceed? e.g...

1) I know their emails are still on the Exchange Server so can I just remove the .ost file that Outlook 2007 will have created on the C drive in the users folder and then just reconnect the user from scratch to the Exchange Server? How would I do this?

Any other (better) siggestions?

Why has logging in to the local computer caused all these problems? (especially after I changed the network settings back to DHCP on these three PC's before trying to log back onto the domain).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Just delete the mail profile and recreate it (control panel, mail).

I'm not sure why this would've happened based on what you describe, but in the future you should make sure you don't have any local user accounts for your users (when you did your migration, you should've deleted the local user accounts after joining the domain). You could set up a temp local account for anyone who needed it.

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Since the issue only occurs on the three machines, we can eliminate the Exchange server cause. I notice that the usual Desktop icons disappeared at first several startup times after logging back to the domain environment. This issue can occur if the domain profile is corrupted after configuring the IP address and network settings on the three machines.

You can refer to Lanwench"s suggestion to recreate the Outlook profile for a test. However, I suspect that it cannot resolve the issue completely. If the issue persists, you may need create a new thread in SBS forum. Please understand that we only discuss the Exchange issue on the pure Exchange product environment in this forum. SBS Server has integrated all functionalities on a single box which will require the SBS related knowledge which we do not have enough resource. Thank you for your understanding.

Meanwhile, you can remove the domain profile and recreate the profile on the problematic machine to check the result. For more information, please refer to the following article:

Novak Wu
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