Outlook 2007: Contacts Search - Contact shows up when typed, can't find manually.

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I'm probably overlooking something extremely basic, but here's the situation.

When looking through the contacts list business cards manually (scrolling through), I cannot find a specific contact entry.

If I type the contact's name into the search bar, the contact appears.

"Instant Search" is DISABLED by group policy.

Anyone know what's going on? There is only one contacts folder on this mailbox as far as I can tell.



More Info

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Outlook 2007 SP2

Exchange Server Version: Unknown


Hi Nokkan,

If you change the Business Cards View to Address Cards, can you find the specific contact?

By default, contact entries are sorted by "File as" which is displayed on top of the card. You can double click to open the contact to check the "File As" value, then click the character below the Search bar to find the contact.

By the way, seems like this is an Outlook configuration query, I would suggest you ask a question in Outlook forum to get the further support:

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Frank Wang
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