Second Mailbox, Mails stuck in Outbox Outlook 2010, Exchange 2010 SP1

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One of our customers has the problem that if he tries to send mails from an other mailbox, that SOME messages stay in the outbox and are not being sent. If you reopen the message and click the send button again, they are most of the time sent (sometimes you need two or three takes). It does not matter if we create a second mail account, or if we open the addition mailbox from the main account (through the advanced settings). They are working on terminal servers and do not use cached mode.

Has anyone a clue what I can try on this?

Thanks a lot for your help!



Khoj Sahiwala

It may be the network issue, of RPC connection breaking down. Can you monitor it.

try running get-logonstatistics for this client.


here the result:

RunspaceId : 69b51e4d-8674-4905-a15b-6fd9897af1be
AdapterSpeed : 0
ClientIPAddress :
ClientMode : ExchangeServer
ClientName : XXX
ClientVersion : 3585.0.33023.0
CodePage : 1252
CurrentOpenAttachments : 0
CurrentOpenFolders : 5
CurrentOpenMessages : 0
FolderOperationCount : 0
FullMailboxDirectoryName : XXX
FullUserDirectoryName : XXX
HostAddress :
LastAccessTime : 17.11.2010 13:48:01
Latency : 0
LocaleID : 3079
LogonTime : 17.11.2010 13:45:33
MACAddress :
MessagingOperationCount : 0
OtherOperationCount : 0
ProgressOperationCount : 0
RPCCallsSucceeded : 0
StreamOperationCount : 0
TableOperationCount : 0
TotalOperationCount : 0
TransferOperationCount : 0
UserName : XXX
Windows2000Account : XXX
ApplicationId : Client=OWA
SessionId : 714de340
ServerName : XXX
DatabaseName : Mailbox Database 1
Identity : XXX
MapiIdentity : XXX
OriginatingServer : XXX
IsValid : True



Khoj Sahiwala

Which is the client ? ClientVersion : 3585.0.33023.0
all messaging operations are zero ...

Is it possible to compare with the working one.

Just making sure NO AV is scanning the stores , and No events in event viewer ( application log) what if you enable logging , there can be an event when it gets disconencted..


the client is outlook 2010. on the exchange there is forefront client security installed - but it should not scan the stores.

If I send mails per OWA, it works fine...

The mails seem to get transfered to the exchange server, because if I open the mailbox on an other machine, I can see the mails in the outbox too. So they seem to be stuck on the exchange, not the client.


Hi ND82.
I would confirm if the ForeFront client security configuration on the exchange server correctly configured again, especially the do not inculde the exchange related directory and folder, about how to confirg it, I would check the DOC of the software, in my opinion, mostly like the issue caused by this.
Then, I would check the queue viewer through the tool on the server, per your description, the email has been submited on the server.
I would also run the Exbpa to confirm weather there are some useful information.
Hope more information from you.


Hi Gavin!

Thx for your help! I have removed FCS, but it did not help. Also the BPA did not show any errors. The queue is empty. It seems as if the server does not pick up the message from the outbox.



Hi ND82,
How about recreate the profile for the special user; or make a test on other machine ; or create a new mailbox for the user account, and move the items into the new mailbox.
It sounds a odd issue, we could narrow the issue follow the tests, confirm the it's related with the exchange server or the special user mailbox, because it is just with special user.
I would check the outlook log, and the smtp log to confirm the issue.
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