How to get more detail on "Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders.ByteEncoderException"

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this is the error i am getting from my application.
Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders.ByteEncoderException: Invalid data supplied to UU decoder.
at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders.UUDecoder.Convert(Byte[] input, Int32 inputIndex, Int32 inputSize, Byte[] output, Int32 outputIndex, Int32 outputSize, Boolean flush, Int32& inputUsed, Int32& outputUsed, Boolean& completed)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders.EncoderStream.Read(Byte[] array, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime.Encoders.EncoderStream.get_Length()

i am wondering how to get more infor on what exactly is invalid.

Allen Song


Did you face any issue besides the error in the Application? And please post the Event ID.

From the error message, it most likely the transport issue. So, please check the queue and make sure the email deliver without issue.


Allen Song


Hi Allen

Thanks for the reply, I reproduced the error on my dev box.

When i probe the inner exception, I could see the value of _COMPlusExceptionCode is -53249699

I am still cluless as what is going on; Do you get any idea...?

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